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For over 12 years GRAF-MAX team has been providing the elements of decoration and exhibition stands at international trade fairs, both abroad and in Poland. A wide range of materials that we use allows implementation of print exposure corresponding to the most demanding projects. We work quickly and efficiently, therefore the exposure is always ready on time.

We use years of experience, define your needs, use materials and machinery meeting the highest standards in order to provide you with the product that suits your needs and expectations.

Our flagship is the attention to details and the highest quality. Your action ends in sending us a file with graphic design of your stand - we will comprehensively take care of all the remaining steps. Customers who take advantage of our services once, remain with us for many years.


This is an impressive form of making logo or campaign's slogan visible. Current technology allows you to cut any shape in the material. The advantage of 3D- letters is a wide range of materials from which the letters and shapes are made. Different materials allow the selection of the thickness and structure of the substrate, as well as additional elements of the ad highlighting effects (e.g., 3D-letters and 3D-forms can also be illuminated from the front or from the bottom to give a unique visual effect).

3D-letters are made of:

  • colored plexiglas,

  • MDF painted in any color,

  • styrodur (paint or cover with a layer of plexiglass is an additional option),

  • PVC.



The use of prints on the exhibition elements are limited only by the imagination of the designer. We print on a variety of high-quality materials, ensuring the performance of most demanding projects of exhibition stands, marketing campaigns, shop window exhibitions and interior design. Advertising prints can be covered with different types of laminate. The most commonly used materials: vinyl (Frontlight, Blockout), adhesive film (monomer, translucent, sandblasted glass, backlight film- no glue), posters (Citylight, poster PVC 0.2 mm), textile (Flag, Artist Light, Artist Heavy, Canvas).

cut foil graphics

the most often includes letters or shapes cut precisely from the adhesive film. Cut-out forms (such as the ones from Frost Film type) are impressive decoration on the glass elements of exposure.

contour cut graphics

This is an advertising print made e.g. on an adhesive film, and then cut along the contours by plotters. Graphic design can be covered with transfer - a coating guaranteeing film transfer and stick to a variety of substrate without losing the form of the cut graphics.

substrate to advertising graphics

All types of advertising can be applied to the following surfaces:

  • akyver

  • aluminum (plate)

  • PVC

  • plexiglas

  • composite panels: dibond

  • glass